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Treatment Options


We see children of all ages to assess their orthodontic needs. Usually, an orthodontic assessment between the ages of 8-10 years is recommended to assess emerging adult teeth. In most cases, early treatment will not be required, but we will monitor your child's dental development.  However, there are a number of dental conditions where your child may benefit from earlier orthodontic treatment. 


Braces are the most commonly used method to straighten teeth, and can be used for teenagers and adults. These days classic braces can be subtle and ceramic, or metal with the option of choosing fun colours if you want to be a little bold.

Clear aligners. Invisalign
Orthodontic treatment for adults

If you are wanting to be more discreet during your orthodontic treatment, Aligners, including Invisalign, are an alternative to braces in select cases. 

We welcome adults seeking orthodontic treatment to be able to smile with confidence. We offer a range of treatment options for adults including clear braces and aligners. As a specialist orthodontist, Marguerite is expertly placed to manage your orthodontic journey. 

Our Process


Book a consultation

Your first appointment is a chance for us to meet each other and discuss how we can achieve your dream smile. A thorough clinical examination and screening radiograph will be undertaken during this appointment to start your individual treatment plan.



In order to plan your orthodontic  treatment, essential information is required.  This appointment includes further radiographs, photos, and a scan .of your teeth

Start Treatment

When you are ready to begin your orthodontic journey, we can book an appointment here in Dunedin to get started.

Treatment Planning

Once we have assessed your records, we will provide you with a personalised orthodontic treatment plan and quote.



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